Energy Savings Program

The Demand for Energy Optimization is Growing Rapidly

Half of All Compressed Air is Lost

Reducing air leakage creates big savings

Become a compressed air energy savings champion

Become an energy savings champion. Don’t get caught on the bottom rung with good intentions. 

Measurement is the Key to Success!

The most common use of an ultrasound detector is for leak detection, especially for compressed air leaks in order to reduce energy usage in a manufacturing plant. However, good intentions do not result in savings. Failure to implement a measurement program results in hanging tags, little results, and an abandonment of an organization’s commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. 

CTRL Systems, Inc. partners with compressed air energy experts to ensure that use and integration of ultrasound for leak detection results in measurable energy savings. Rely upon CTRL to deliver measurable results.


CTRL helped multi-location sites integrate ultrasound leak detection and power monitoring for compressed air energy savings.

The power monitoring provided measurements before and after the leak detection and repairs. Additionally, we were able to modify operations to indicate the need to perform inspections as condition based vs. time based.

Additional savings resulted from modifications by monitoring operational requirements and needs corresponding to production output.

Leaks detected / repaired
Energy Savings
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