Military Marine

CTRL began working with the US Navy in the early 2000’s. NAVSEA 04RM and the Maintenance Engineering Technology Team (METT) funded shipboard testing aboard the USS Gunston Hall in order to identify an inexpensive technology to significantly improve maintenance practices, reduction in man-hours, and improvement in fleet readiness.
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Wheel and Track

Several groups, both army and contractors, were involved to evaluate the CTRL technology for numerous applications of the wheel & track vehicles. As a result of the evaluations, the UL101 proved itself a valuable tool to ensure the fleet was ready when called upon.
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Military Aviation

CTRL’s continued work with NASA, CTRL was introduced to Lockheed Martin for the integration of the UL101 during production quality control and as a part of the life cycle toolkit of the new F-35 joint strike fighter.
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Military Applications for Ultrasound Listening Devices (ULDs)

CTRL technology is being provided to military and other government organizations to meet the critical needs of readiness, improved man-hours, and evaluation of critical systems.

The performance and quality of CTRL’s products have been proven and re-affirmed by NASA’s selection of the UL101 ultrasound sensor for maintenance and leak detection on the International Space Station and all of the shuttles as well as several platforms by the U.S. military and prime contractors such as Lockheed Martin.


CTRL Systems, Inc. has been supplying its ultrasound technology to the US government, defense, and its allies for more than 20 years. As a result of CTRL’s dedication to turnkey integration, the UL101 is a standard tool in many mission critical applications on platforms such as F-35, C-130, and F-18.

Part #, Description, NSN
000036 – UL101 Basic Kit Standard

000038 – UL101 Basic Kit, Intrinsically Safe
NSN: 6635 01 534 2512

000031 – UL101 CBM Kit, Standard

000033 – UL101 CBM Kit, Intrinsically Safe
NSN: 6635 01 587 1093

000070 – UL101 Military Base Kit, Intrinsically Safe
NSN: 6635 01 673 0796

000071 – UL101 Military Base Kit, Standard
NSN: 6635 01 183 8948

Kit accessories have also been assigned NSN’s. Please contact us for spares.

years working with the military
systems tested
devices in the field
‘s Millions
saved annually

GSA Advantage!

GSA Contract #: GS-06F-0001 N
CTRL Cage Code: 62373

Intrinsically Safe: ANSI /UL 91 3-88, for DIVISION 1, CLASS I , Groups A, B, C and D, CLASS II, Groups E, F, G and CLASS III . It also complies with DIVISION 2, CLASS I , Groups A, B, C and D, CLASS II , Groups F, G, and CLASS III

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