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The UL101 Quick-Start Training increases long-term retention by giving users the ability to space out learning episodes across time rather than in a single session. This process is more naturally intuitive to most learners, and helps to increase long-term retention. Most learners can complete the course material in 2-3 total hours

Build a Foundation

The course is divided into eight assignments.

Basics of Acoustic Ultrasound, Part 1

Basics of Acoustic Ultrasound, Part 2

Basics of Acoustic Ultrasound, Part 3

Use and Operation of the CTRL UL101

Airborne Applications: Compressed Air & Vacuum Leaks

Airborne Applications: Electrical Inspection

Structure-borne Applications: Lubrication &Mechanical Inspection

Other Applications: Valve, Steam & Hydraulics Inspection

Each assignment can be completed in 20-45 minutes. The UL101 Quick-Start Training syllabus is designed as a valuable base of relevant knowledge for new and experienced users of acoustic ultrasound technology.

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Retain Knowledge Longer

70% of training is lost within 24 hours.

90% is forgotten within 30 days.

5 minutes of daily review changes everything.

Integration of new technology requires an investment in knowledgeable practitioners. The UL101 Quick-Start Training is a foundational piece of the puzzle. Once each assignment is complete, artificial intelligence builds a daily and weekly review process customized to each learner’s experience. Daily reviews take just a few minutes, reinforcing the material taught and pro-longing retention for maximum efficiency. And with the ability to access the platform from any browser or the mobile app, the platform’s best-in-class retrieval practices go wherever you do. In fact, studies have shown that most users learn twice as fast when using a mobile device.

Move Forward Together

The integration of new technology and new processes can be difficult. It’s easier when everyone can start from the same place. CTRL’s cloud-based training platform builds the same foundation of knowledge for every member of your team, while customizing retention practices to each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. When everyone is speaking the same language, your organization can optimize the process of building your acoustic ultrasound maintenance program and maximize return on your team’s investment.

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Register Your UL101 for an Extended Warranty. For any device purchased after January 1, 2019, you can register your device on the CTRL website and upgrade your standard 1-year limited warranty to a 5-year limited warranty at no additional cost. Registration includes free lifetime access for one learner in the UL101 Quick-Start Training.

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