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Compressed Gas & Vacuum Leak Detection

White Papers

Increasing Personal Safety Using Airborne Ultrasound Inspection

Using ultrasound listening devices (ULDs) to detect toxic gas leaks, electrical faults, etc.

Pinpointing Leaks in Re-Heaters

Implement a routine leak detection program using ultrasound to avoid unscheduled downtime of re-heater and boiler tube failures.

Non-Pressurized Cabin Testing

Using an Ultrasound Listening Device (ULD) and Ultrasonic Transmitter to leak test non-pressurized spaces.

Ultrasound Leak Detection for Power Generation Condensers

Using an ultrasound listening device (ULD), improve power generation efficiency and output to keep up with the growing demands of electricity usage.

Why 40 kHz?

The 40 kHz transducer was selected for the UL101 and most other airborne ultrasonic sensors because it is ideal for detecting gas leaks from a reasonable distance and for diagnosing mechanical components for early signs of wear or defects.

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